The Royal Family

Warm Greetings to All Families and Members of the Royal Mataram Kingdom,

Our bloodlines carry the weight of history, and our Kingdom's legacy spans several centuries. The destinies of our people are interwoven with the true treasures of our Kingdom: our diverse and vibrant communities, our rich cultures, and our invaluable heritage. Time may have ushered in changes in our way of life, and modernity may have made its presence felt, but one thing remains unaltered - our unwavering commitment to our heritage.

Our foremost duty is to serve the people of Mataram, those entrusted to our care.

Guided by compassion and bound by love, this is our unique way of life. Through our actions, we proudly declare to the world:

"I am Mataram!"

Sugeng rawuh!

Welcome to Mataram!

Her Majesty Gusti Koes M Pakubuwono


His Majesty Wirabhumi



The old people speak of a beautiful young woman who was the daughter of the
sea who heard the heart of young man singing on the beach. She followed his song
and upon seeing him, fell in love immediately and left the ocean to be by his side.

She is Nyai Roro Kidul, Guardian of Mataram and the Southern Seas and
spiritual consort to the nobles of Mataram.


Elegance and Timelessness

The Captivating Essence of Javanese Culture and Landscape

The Javanese people and their culture possess a rare and exquisite charm that effortlessly transcends the boundaries of time. Nestled within the heart of Indonesia, Java unveils a realm of enchantment, where traditions and landscapes blend harmoniously to create an enduring allure.

Java is a realm where elegance and timelessness converge. Its people, culture, and landscape are like a finely crafted masterpiece, eternally captivating all who have the privilege to experience their magic.

Latest News

Discover the Latest Exciting Developments and Honours Unfolding Within the Kingdom and What Lies on the Horizon

In the Kingdom of Istana Mataram, there is a flurry of exciting developments, remarkable achievements, and esteemed honors that have taken place, with much more on the horizon. Here's a brief snapshot of what's currently happening and what's to come.

Mataram’s Official Visit to Vietnam Fire Rescue Police Department
Mataram’s Official Visit to Vietnam Fire Rescue Police Department

We extend our heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of The Mataram Kingdom and Luke Alexander Corporation, to the Vietnam Fire Rescue Police Department (VFRPD) for their gracious welcome. This significant visit is dedicated to fostering a collaborative partnership and enhancing communication channels for the exchange of insights and ideas in the realm of Fire Safety and Rescue.