Selamat Datang di Istana Mataram

Istana Mataram is a large Kingdom located in central Java Indonesia that lasted from 16th century to 18th century. The area is surrounded by mountains and hills, such as Serayu Mountains, Mount Prau, Mount Sindoro, Mountain Cleft, Mount Ungaran, Merbabu, Mount Merapi, Kendang Mountains, Mount Lawu, Mount Sewu, Gunung Kidul.

Today, the Kingdom still exists. These temples are grand and have great value. The temples are famous as mentioned above is Mendut Pawon, Borobudur, Kalasan, Sari, and Sewu. The name Borobudur came from the name of Bhumi Sambharabudhara. Sambhara Bhumi means hill or mountain and “Budhara” means King. Borobudur means “King Mountain”.

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It is with great honor to welcome you in this New Era of the Great Istana of Mataram.
Our rich history continues to be known and flourishes
because of our hard-working and dedicated people.
These people are the true treasures of our Istana, therefore,
We, (HM) Koes M Pakubuwono and (HM) Wirabhumi will do our utmost
to elevate the lives of the people and the whole Istana.

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