Cultural Events

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Solo Batik Carnival

Solo Batik Carnival or Karnaval Batik Solo – an annual celebration held at Solo City. A parade of intricate and colorful costumes from the traditional batik cloth.

Kirab Pusaka Malam 1 Suro

The Royal Palace of Mataram held a Javanese or Islamic New Year anniversary with a caravan of 7 buffalo Caucasians Kiai Slamet descent and dozens of heirlooms.

Gereb Maulud

One of the greatest social occasions of the year in Mataram. Grebeg Maulud praises the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed and is a parade of pageantry and glory. Leaving from the Keraton (Palace), the parade highlights expand coasts, Indonesian outfit, conventional gamelan music and the abnormal routine with regards to products of the soil being shared (perused tossed) into the group. An offering the general population accepts brings good fortunes, henceforth the energy! Albeit frequently somewhat occupied, it’s an incredible method to encounter Indonesian convention and possibly get a free lunch.

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