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Pasar Klewer

The biggest textile market in Java, the Pasar Klewer, is in Solo and attracts people from all over the island who flock here to shop and buy cloth of every imaginable description. This busy bazaar is a hive of activity. Many stall holders are of Arab and Muslim Indian descent giving the market a multi-cultural atmosphere. Shoppers will go through aisle after aisle of tiny stalls piled high with woven and printed cotton, linens, synthetics, and silks – most of them in batik prints.

Pasar Triwindu

Pasar Triwindu is a small yet chaotic flea market where, if you’re willing to search, shoppers can find pretty much anything and everything as long as it’s used or old. From old masks, wayangs, musical instruments and coins, this is a market filled with endless curiosities. Even if you’re not in the market for something, it’s worth a look to come here and browse at the collection of oddities on sale.

Pasar Gede

The central market of Solo is Pasar Gede, located in the Chinese district. Every day villagers pour in from the countryside to sell their produce here. Everything from vegetables, fruits, rice, coffee, dried fish, clothes and manufactured good is on sale here. This is a hot, crowded and cramped market where you will need to have your wits about you and your bargaining skills ready to get the best buys.

Pasar Depok

Fancy checking out a different kind of market? Parrots, chickens, doves, canaries, owls and the occasional eagle – all can be found on sale at Pasar Depok, Solo’s bird market.

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