The Royal Family


All Families & Members of The Royal Mataram Kingdom.
Our Bloodlines, Our Histories. Our Kingdom has spanned over Several Centuries.
Our Destinies will continue for Thousands of Years more!
Our lives are richly intertwined with the true treasures of our Kingdom;
Our People , Our Cultures & Our Rich Heritage.
Time may have changed our way of life.
Modernity may have overwhelmed us,
but our Heritage remains UNTOUCHED !
Our duty is to serve those that we are entrusted to look after, the People of Mataram.
With True Compassion and Love as Our Unique Way of Life;
We show the World,
I am Mataram!
Sugeng rawuh!

Welcome to Mataram!

Her Majesty Gusti Koes M Pakubuwono
His Majesty Wirabhumi

all affairs & office-bearers

The Royal Court

We, the Royal Court in Mataram,
send our Blessings and Heartiest Greetings to all in The Kingdom of Mataram.

It is with great honour to welcome everyone of you into this New Era of the Great Istana Mataram.

Our Kingdom’s rich history continues to flourish and be recognized globally because of our rich heritage along
with our hard-working and dedicated people.

As we embrace this New Millennium of our Kingdom, we must not forget our roots and preserve the values that
are in our bloodlines; Unity, Humility, Compassion and Our Love for God.

Together, we will strive for the best in this New Era where we will establish “New Economic Development Programs“ to
stimulate more investments from foreign countries, and above all, create more jobs and uplift the self-esteem of every person.

With The Grace of God, Wonderful Things are coming!

Together, we will strive for Greatness.


Internal & International Affairs

The Royal Court

We, the Royal members of the
Internal and International Affairs division of the Royal Court,
send our warmest greetings to all our friends & associates globally.

We will continue to develop and maintain proximate working relationships with nations worldwide in
building global partnerships in varied aspects of Economic Development for the betterment in lives of her people.

We strive to bring forth vibrant economic developments to the Kingdom of Mataram
through continued efforts in venturing into prospective business partnerships worldwide.

We look forward to be of service to all of you.

With The Grace and Love of God!

Kanjeng Adipati
Fong Notonagoro

Inspirational Message

Peace Be With You!

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters of The Kingdom of Mataram.

The history of our Kingdom is unique. Our cultural heritage is what gives it the intangible value of Life & Excellence. These are not just a collection of objects or crafts, but it’s the representation of the values and the God-loving beliefs of our people. Its significance is more than just mere traditions,
but it affirms our roots and identity.

Our cultural heritage shaped us into who we are, most especially
for us who reside overseas from Istana Mataram.

Although scientific and technological advancements possess serious challenges in preserving our culture, we recognize these as opportunities to evolve uniquely in a culturally diverse world while protecting our own.

I hold this guardianship with honour and humility. The tasks toward developing various Economic Programs for Mataram will be challenging. With true grit, determination, unity as one people and our strong faith in God,
it will be accomplished!

Sharing our unique culture with the world brings recognition, understanding and appreciation of our roots and its significance in our lives and history today.

Let’s work tirelessly together to bring
The Kingdom of Mataram to Greater Heights!


In The Twin Hearts of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary,
Ave Maria!
Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati
Marie William Adinagoro