On December 8th, HM Wirabhumi and Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro and 4 Princess led the Royal delegation to visit Xingning City and held a forum. The representatives of the United Front Work Department, the overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau and the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation accompanied the Royal delegation on this visits.

At the meeting, the participants watched the video of Xihe bay introduction to get a better understanding of the design and construction process of Xihe Bay from wilderness to a Hakka cultural scenic spot.

The head of the overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau on behalf of the municipal government gave a warm welcome for the Indonesian Royal delegation. He said, Indonesia has a lot of Xingning compatriots. I felt pleased for the delegation’s arrival. Xingning has a beautiful ecological environment, rich culture, rich tourism resources, which is the ideal place for investment.

Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro said, Surakarta is located in the central Java of Indonesia, where there is a large number of overseas Chinese. In Indonesia, a part of the overseas Chinese also comes from Xingning. So I hoped to bring the experience of the construction of ecological environment in Xingning back to Solo. Also, I welcomed the Xingning entrepreneur to visit Surakarta for investment and cooperation.

Then, Grand Prince William and his party visited the Xihe bay. In an interview, the prince told reporters that he was very interested in Chinese culture; he visited China for many years and studied Chinese by himself. He left a deep impression on his visit to Xingning today.

Prince of Mataram, Indonesia Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati (Gand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro said: “My impression of Xingning is very good, I feel very comfortable here, the air is very good, you really spent a lot of time and effort here, I really appreciate your culture and art that has a very profound influence. Because our country Indonesia, in Mataram, we have many mountains and scenery there. So we would like to come here and go sightseeing to learn from China, (by the way) invite some Hakka people, entrepreneurs here to come and cooperate for the development of theme park.”