Establishment of Royal Mataram Airport

The Master Plan of Royal Mataram Airport has been developed to fulfill the need for an operationally efficient and passenger friendly airport.

Around the world, airports have been expanding their facilities to include retail outlets, office spaces, and other commercial developments.

Encompassing all these non-aviation facilities and more, the new Royal Mataram Airport aims at setting a benchmark for the development of the future airport in the region.

Chartered Airlines from Solo City to other Countries

THE RUNWAY : 3,000 meters long and 45 meters wide
THE APRON : Handling 10 Aircraft and expandable to 30 Aircraft
THE TERMINAL : 60,000 square meters Projected to handle 1,000,000 passengers and 1,000,000 tons cargoes annually

Establishment of Royal Mataram Airlines

Royal Mataram Airlines, is a new Hospitality airline model has been envisioned to take advantage of a specific gap in the regional travel between Indonesia and to the other neighboring countries.

Royal Mataram Airlines envisioned potential growth of domestic travelers within the 17, 508 island inside Indonesia as well and will establish strategic Partnership with local Indonesian Airlines to cover all sectors of Indonesia.

Establishment of Royal Pilot School

Mataram can participate in educating and creating Local Pilots for the growth and sustainability of Indonesian Airline Industry.

Mataram Aviation Aero Club

Mataram Aviation Aero Club is a ground handling company to operate in the Royal Mataram Airport. The Mataram Aviation Aero Club caters ground handling and permits needs. Licensed personnel is equipped with the high-end ground support equipment to ensure the quality and safety of the services. The Mataram Aviation Aero Club provides full handling services, from ground handling, landing & overfly permits, hotel booking, ground transportation, catering liaison, fuel, aircraft charters, rentals of GSE, remote area handling supervision, aircraft charter and hangar rental.

Mataram Air Taxi

With the liberalization of the Indonesian economy and its rapid economic growth, it is assessed that there will be an increasing demand for speedy movement of business executives throughout the country. Mataram Air Taxi is the first flying love boat in Indonesia. Mataram Air Taxi service is the best solution to meet the needs of business executives that require the fast, safe, private and cost-effective way of traveling. It also caters to transfer special groups of tourists and travelers who need to make arrangements with certain parts of the country that is not inaccessible by public transportation. The Mataram Air Taxi can also be used in emergency cases such as search and rescue operations.

Development of Twin Theme Park

Istana Mataram will develop the Twin Theme Park to connect Yogyakarta and Solo City. The first in the world to have an intercity park. The theme park will provide light monorail transportation throughout the whole city with several sections of the city designated in different themes being envisioned. The park will have different themes like extreme rides, 5D cinemas, Ghost House, Zoo, and Water Paradise. The park aims to preserve the natural beauty of Kaliurang. There will be a butterfly garden and a research building that will allow the students to have a hands-on experience in studying the natural wonders.
Mataram embarks on the programs with several prominent theme park developers, investors, architectural and professional engineering companies with the support of the local government agencies to complete the entire project within 10 years. This theme park aims to improve the quality of life of the Javanese people by providing more job opportunities and economic growth.

Development of Condensate Processing Unit

The Kingdom will establish the areas of the refinery as a Condensate Processing Unit (CPU) and next step we have the plan to expand to the petrochemical area. The Condensate Processing Unit consists of three Distillation columns and two Stripper column, i.e. Precut, Condensate splitter, Debutanizer, Kerosene Stripper and Gas Oil Stripper. This refinery will produce LPG, Light Naphtha, Heavy Naphtha, Kerosene, Gas Oil and No.4 Fuel Oil.

Istana Mataram Development Project

The Istana Mataram Development Project has the potential role to play a significant role by providing employment, schooling, and training to tens of thousands of people and their families, which consequently will reduce excessive influx and take the pressure of Solo, through decentralization and growth diversion to the new environment-friendly city.

Water Transportation Management

Water Transportation plays a vital role in stabilizing the economy of Indonesia and boost trade standards. Better and improved water transport is one of the key factors to prosper and increase the GPD (Gross Domestic Products) of any country as it is a major way of trading and supplying goods from country to country.

Expansion of Mining Industry in Indonesia

Indonesia delivers around four percent of worldwide gold creation. With this, Istana Mataram aims to increase the provision of exploration and drilling services as a tool to identify prospective areas for mining and income generation of the country. Mataram envisions to become a fast-growing producers of gold, copper, nickel, zircon and metal materials in the region.

Development of Mataram International Hotel

Mataram International Hotel is a national hotel that stands in the proud tradition of Indonesian hospitality. The growing business in the region had created the opportunity for society to travel for business purposes and seek a new standard of accommodation at an affordable rate. Whether traveling for business or leisure, find more value for less at all of our convenient locations including city centers, suburban, interstate, small towns, airport, convention properties and resort hotels.

Expansion of Business and Trade

The expansion of business and trade played a vital role in the advancement of modern banking. Because of the fact that in the middle age Indo- sub-continent, Middle-East, and Europe progressed tremendously and thus banking business improved for their smooth functioning of the transaction.

The Kingdom aims to establish a financial banking for maximizing profits and to conduct overall economic activities. It will help to create propensity of savings amongst the people and to motivate people for investing money with a view to bringing solvency in them. It will assist Indonesia in trade & business and socio-economic development.

Promotion of Javanese Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Javanese culture is among the earliest and oldest surviving traditions in Indonesia. Istana Mataram aims to preserve and safeguard this tradition by promoting the Cultural Tourism. Cultural Tourism is one of the largest and fast-growing global tourism markets. This creates community awareness, understanding, and support for tourism development. Promotes the Javanese culture like batik clothing, arts & Crafts, shopping centers, natural wonders, museums and parks, Javanese Cuisine, cultural events, Javanese transportation and heritage hotels.

Through this tourism program, it will increase Mataram’s Share of visitors and increase its recognition as a high-quality tourism destination in its own right.

Istana Mataram Ambulance and Mobile Clinic

As a palace that values and protects its own people, Istana Mataram ensures the health and wellness by providing an ambulance and mobile clinic. A state of the art unit equipped for Basic Life Support and can be used as an infirmary.

Istana Mataram Timber and Construction

Istana Mataram Timber and Construction is set up to manufacture timber supplies for the Indonesian market. The Istana Mataram aims to provide sustainable grown plantation timber to create attractive, strong and durable wood materials.

Deep Water Well System

The Palace of Mataram will develop a Deep Well Water System not only for the water challenges of Indonesia but also of the world. It is set to create an innovative, efficient, sustainable and reliable water system throughout the City of Solo. It will provide a clean drinking water for the smallest village to the tallest building in the City.

Istana Mataram Exportation

Due to its vast and fertile soils, Indonesia became a key producer of agricultural tropical products. It is the top producer of major agricultural commodities such as palm oil, rice, cocoa, coffee, tea, cassava and tropical spices. Istana Mataram will help the local farmers not only to the sustainable farming, but also to produce export quality products. Istana Mataram will create a program to grow traditional herbal medicine farm. This will create opportunity to grow and produce a safe herbal medicine to be exported to the US and other countries.