The Royal Ceremony for the Rebirth of Istana Mataram Made It to the Local and International News

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The Mataram Kingdom was once a large Kingdom located in Central Java Indonesia that reigned between 16th to 18th century.

Last 13th of April 2018, The royal family started the New Era of the Great Istana of Mataram. This New Era will open New Economic Development Programs that will reduce inequality and unemployment, stimulate more investments from foreign countries, and most of all, uplift the self-esteem of every person.

The royal celebration was celebrated for 2 days. On the first day (13 April 2018), a royal ceremony took place in the morning. The morning celebration was the appointment of the 84 new royal family members from the different parts of the world. Followed by the royal parade of horse-drawn carriages in the afternoon.

For the first time in the history of Indonesia, the Kings from the 35 Kingdoms joined together to Wisma Boga at the evening gala celebration. The celebration ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

The 2nd day was about the signing of the MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) from the different investors all over the world to support the programmes initiated by Istana Mataram.

This history-in-the-making event made it to the headlines of the local and international news.

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Tens of Kings in Indonesia Joined the Parade of Horse Drawn Carriages to Form the Istana Mataram

Tens of Kings and Sultans from 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia joined the parade using horse-drawn carriages to symbolize the rebirth of Istana Mataram in Solo, Central Java.

The show was initiated by the Council of Customary Law of the Kingdom which produced a commitment from all Kings in Indonesia to work together in the potential sector for each Kingdom.

Parade was started in Gladag roundabout, Solo, Central Java. Thousands of soldiers from various Kingdoms complete with their Kingdoms’ attributes joined the parade and followed by 42 horse drawn carriages for all Kings. All the way to Wisma Boga Solo Baru, all Kings greeted the people of Solo along the parade route.

Other than thousands of soldiers and their Kings from 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia, grouped under the FKIKN (Forum for Communication and Information of the Kingdoms in Indonesia), the parade with the theme of New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes was also joined by tens of potential investors from Asia and Europe who wished to invest in the projects of Istana Mataram.

HM Wirabhumi, the head of the Customary Law Council of the Kingdom wanted to show the world that Surakarta has various cultures that can attract foreign/local tourists tremendously. Therefore, this activity must be continued forward, HM Wirabhumi said.

Nurahmansyah Fawzy Aceh, King of Karang Aceh Tamiyang Kingdom mentioned that this kind of activity is seldom because each King and Sultan has his own activity.

“With the gathering of all Kings and Sultans, this signals the steps for building their own area so that the culture of this nation will not be contaminated from outside” he explained.

Bakrie Danao who represented Sultan of Tidore was happy and proud that the history of Indonesia based on past Kingdoms which participated to build this nation, “hopefully going forward to be better and grow again”, he said.

Istana Mataram is to unify the land of Mataram and invited all Kingdoms in Indonesia which were descendants of the Kingdom of Mataram to become a group and to work together for the growth of each Kingdom. One of the many objectives was to attract the investment from investors all over the world for all Kingdoms under the scope of the projects initiated by Istana Mataram.

There are 80 potential investors from 9 countries, namely, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Britain.

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Representatives of 35 Kingdoms joined the parade of Kings and Sultans of Indonesia in Solo

Gladag roundabout in Solo was full of soldiers and horse carriages on Friday 13/4/18 afternoon.

Seen, hundreds of soldiers from various Kingdoms full with their attributes marching along the road, Jl Slamet Riyadi.

People who saw the parade were using their mobile phones to record the precious moments.

Istana Mataram Parade led by HM Koes M. Pakubuwono said that this parade was participated by 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia.

Gusti Moeng, her affectionate name, said there were 8o representatives of the companies from 9 countries participated in the parade.

The investors from all over the world came today in order to commit to work together in the potential field of each Kingdom, she said on Friday 13/4/18 afternoon.

Therefore, we celebrated with a parade towards Wisma Boga, she said amidst the parade. There were 42 horse-drawn carriages in the parade with the theme New Era of Economic  Culture and Tourism Programme.

The parade route started from the Hotel Royal Heritage, Gladag towards Northern field, Grand Mosque, Klewer, Simpang Glembengan and ended at Wisma Boga, Solo Baru.  

In that meeting place, all participants enjoyed the traditional entertainment in form of dances in the midst of Gala dinner and fireworks.

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FSKN (Forum for Discussion for Kingdoms in Indonesia) committed to build Indonesia through New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes

The Descendants of Mataram Kingdom initiated projects under: “New Era of Economic Culture & Tourism Programmes”.  Activities were organized for 2 days on Friday and Saturday 13 & 14/4/18. These were the start of the New Era for Istana Mataram.  Istana Mataram officially announced on 13/4/18 these new initiatives. In that event, all the guests declared to work together towards the success of the economic movement.  All participants were briefed by the members of the Royal families.

The MOU was signed with prospective investors. His Majesty of Istana Mataram, HM Wirabhumi said that the Istana Mataram has worked with many investors all over the world which are ready to invest in Indonesia. With the MOU, we have the resources to support the programmes from maritime to infrastructure. This shows that all Kingdoms in Indonesia have awakened to support this initiatives, he said.

Sultan Sepuh XIV, Pangeran Raja Adipati Arief Natadiningrat as the head of FSKN, Forum for discussion for Keratons (Kingdoms) in Indonesia, in the period of 2017 to 2022 invited all to shoulder and build various sectors for nation building and statehood.

According to him, the MOU shows the seriousness of FSKN to build the nation and the country of Indonesia. To prove that the nation building will not stop in 2030 but continue to prosper.

“All Kingdoms in Indonesia gathered and unified under the Kingdoms of Sriwijaya and Majapahit and now gathered under the Republic of Indonesia. Hopefully, working together can expand the potential of the nature and maritime which are the main sources of the nation. We must explore and expand till Indonesia becomes the maritime hub and a country which is strong and successful”, he explained.

This movement was started with a parade from Gladag to the Wisma Boga restaurant, Solo Baru. It was started with a parade of 42 horse-drawn carriages from Hotel Royal Heritage Surakarta, Gladag towards Wisma Boga, Solo Baru. The parade was joined by the representatives of 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia and potential investors from 29 countries. In this occasion, it was attended by Agus Purwoto, the secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime.

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The Parade for All Kings of Indonesia

A group of the relatives of the Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat together with the King and Sultan of the Kingdom of Mataram all over Indonesia joined the parade in Solo, Central Java, Friday 13/4/18. This event was followed by 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia to sign the formation of the foundation led by Istana Mataram. They were the descendants of the Kingdom of Mataram, to be reunited in the investment and the economy.

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Horse Train Carriage Sharing Cooperation With Investors

Crowded traffic was seen around the Gladag roundabout on Friday 13/4/18. It was seen that hundreds of soldiers from various Kingdoms using attributes were marching along the city walk, Jalan Slamet Riyadi. Not long after, come tens of horse-drawn carriages towards Gladag roundabout.

This parade was attracting the vehicle drivers who stopped their vehicles. The on-lookers took out the mobile phones to capture the event.

One of the on-lookers Manahan dweller, Anis (40) got curious with the arrival of hundreds of soldiers and horse-drawn carriages. To satisfy his curiosity, he told one of the policemen there.

“Yes, I am curious that there is a Keraton parade. The parade is going towards Wisma Boga in Solo Baru. I happen to pass by” said Anis on Friday 13/4/18.

The head of the Istana Mataram foundation who was also the organizer of the Keraton parade, GKR Koes Murtiyah Wandansari said this parade was participated by the representatives of 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia.

Gusti Moeng, her affectionate name, said there were 80 business representatives from 9 countries attended this parade.

“There are many investors all around the world come here today. They are committed to work together in the potential field of each Kingdom. Therefore, we celebrate this event with a parade towards Wisma Boga”, explained Gusti Moeng amidst the parade.

There were 42 horse-drawn carriages used for this event with a theme of New Era Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes.

The route of this parade was from Hotel Royal Heritage Gladag towards Northern field, Mosque Agung, Klewer, Simpang Gemblengan and ended at Wisma Boga Solo Baru. In this building, all participants were treated with dances and Gala dinner.

“I just want to show to the world that Surakarta has this culture. We invited all Kingdoms which are grouped in FKIKN (Forum Communication and Information of Kingdoms in Indonesia) so that with the arrival of the investors, they can develop the potential sectors in each of the Kingdoms”, Gusti Moeng hoped.

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Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Hoped that Keraton Revitalization Involved Both Physical and Non-Physical.

Coordinating ministry for maritime hoped that the revitalization of Kingdoms in Indonesia can run smoothly physically and non-physically.

This was said by the secretary of the coordinating ministry for maritime, Agus Purwoto.

“We wish that all Kingdoms are revitalized. There are two areas for revitalization, i.e. physical and non-physical” he said during the gala dinner with the Kings and Sultans all over Indonesia at Wisma Boga, Solo Baru, on Friday 13/4/18.

“Buildings and cultural reserve and non-physical: art, tradition and local wisdom in the palace”, he said.

As widely known, Istana Mataram initiated New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes.

Istana Mataram will become the vehicle for all descendants of Mataram all over the world.

In the declaration, Istana Mataram invited delegations from 29 countries and 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia to attend.

“The points are to develop maritime tourism, literature, culture, revitalization of the city and historical port”, he said.

Beside that, there are revitalization of cultural values, knowledge, tradition and maritime wisdom, construction of maritime school in the MOU which was signed with the coordinating ministry for maritime.

The activities of New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes will focus more on the economic sector, culture and tourism.

The members of this grouping have already committed to invest in Indonesia for the development of these 3 sectors.

The investors in this grouping come from various countries such as Germany, Spain, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vanuatu, Taiwan, Italy, and China.

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Istana Mataram and 15 investors Formed a Partnership to Develop the New Era in Economic Culture

Forum for discussion of Kingdoms in Indonesia (FSKN) which comprised of Kings from various lands in Indonesia, in the meeting of Forum Communication and Information of the Kingdoms in Indonesia (FKIKN) in Solo, Saturday 14/4/18, witnessed the signing ceremony of the relatives of Keraton Surakarta which was called Istana Mataram with 15 investors from various countries.

The meeting of the Kings for the economic forum with the topic “ New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes” was held for two days after all Kings in Indonesia attended the anniversary of the crowning of Sunan Pakubuwono XIII in the Keraton Surakarta on Thursday 12/4/18.

The day after, all Kings of Indonesia met with the investors, there was a parade from the area of Keraton Surakarta to the area of Solo Baru. All Kings with their traditional costumes joined the parade by using horse-drawn carriages passing by the Southern field of Keraton Surakarta and in Solo Baru, Istana Mataram also formed partnership with 17 investors in order to develop many big projects.

The initiator of Istana Mataram, HM Wirabhumi in the midst of FSKN meeting explained to the press, that the economic forum and the signing of the partnership between Istana Mataram and the investors will herald a new era to start many of the economic programmes in Indonesia. The potential of the Kingdoms in Indonesia, especially the Kingdom of Surakarta in the development of national economy, importantly, will be handled through a partnership with the investors.

“Istana Mataram has prepared economic programmes such as creating “theme park” in the form of the garden in the city, the creation of Istana Mataram airport, to form Royal Mataram Airlines and others.

All of these are not a dream but already in the phase of implementation of a partnership with the investors. In the development of the new era of economic culture, Istana Mataram will not ask for the government funds but the funds are obtained from the investors”, he explained.

After forming the partnership with 17 investors on the first day and followed by 15 other investors at the FSKN meeting, HM Wirabhumi continued, Istana Mataram will also form a partnership with a group of investors in order to develop the economic growth programmes. Those investors will expand the economic potential, including the formation of royal aviation school, royal air taxi, ambulance and Mataram clinics, hotel development and so forth.

The chairman of FSKN, Pangeran Raja Adipati Arief Natadiningrat, SH, the XIVth Sultan from the Kingdom of Cirebon in this economic forum explained that FSKN or FKIKN was not a political forum, but, a forum for discussion and cultural communication among the Kingdom in Indonesia. Therefore it meant that FSKN and FKIKN will continue to hold fast the Indonesian culture through discussion and communication amongst the Kings of Indonesia.

“His Majesty Sultan Hamengku Buwono X reminds FSKN and FKIKN not to become a political forum. This forum for discussion is the place for meeting and discussion so as to maintain peace and harmony”, he said.

One of the organizers of Istana Mataram, KPA William Marie Chong Adinagoro, explained that in this economic forum, 15 investors promised to invest in Indonesia. These investors have agreed to support all of the programmes initiated by Istana Mataram, especially, in the short term, it will build Istana Mataram airport and form the “Royal Mataram Airlines”.

“The investors will also develop a theme park in Solo and connected to another theme park in other cities. In the short term, the investors will support the building of private Mataram airport which will be used privately by Royal Mataram Airlines which is integrated with Theme park”, he explained.

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To stop the deception of travel agents, FKIKN in Solo signed an MOU with ASATI

FKIKN and FSKN have signed an MOU with ASATI (Association of Sales and Travel Indonesia) on Saturday 14/4/18 afternoon.

In the MOU, the FKIKN side hopes to become the solution for the nation.

This was said by HM Wirabhumi in the midst of economic forum with the theme New Era for Economic Culture and Tourism.

“We want to be part of the solution, we do not want to become the problem of this nation”, he said in the midst of the program, Saturday 14/4/18 afternoon.

HM Wirabhumi sets the target of zero deception by the travel agents which is now happening.

“We have signed an agreement with ASATI, our target is umrah haj for the people already deceived, must not happen again,” he said.

FKIKN will work together with all travel agents in Indonesia.

This activity is one of the programmes of FKIKN in unison to develop the tourism sector.

ASATI was one of the 18 businesses which agreed to work with FKIKN.

This MOU has become the starting point for Istana Mataram to increase the arrival of foreign tourists in Indonesia.

Beside MOU with ASATI, FKIKN has also signed an MOU with the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime of Indonesia on Friday 13/4/18.

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Ignoring the internal conflict, the relatives of Keraton Solo initiated economic movement

The internal conflict of the family of Keraton Surakarta which happened years ago eventually pushed a group of the relatives to choose a new alternative. Instead of focusing on the conflict, they initiated an economic movement through Istana Mataram. This involves many Kingdoms in Indonesia and the investors from various countries.

“We need to move on. If we are focused on the problem, we can not progress”, explained by HM Wirabhumi when interviewed in his office on Thursday 12/4/18.

Not intended to be trapped by the internal politics of Keraton, a group of the relatives agreed to initiate an activity with the theme New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes on Friday and Saturday 13-14/4/18 by Istana Mataram.

“Hence, tomorrow event is just the beginning. Many things need to be done going forward”, he said.

HM Wirabhumi mentioned the target of the event to be around two thousand guests from various Kingdoms and investors from various countries. To date, the target was to be minimum 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia and hundreds of investors from 29 countries. Among them, Vanuatu, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy and other countries.

All have agreed to commit to develop the economy through various sectors such as tourism, aviation, infrastructure, health, and others.

HM Wirabhumi ensured that big projects which will involve various countries must involve Indonesian people as the main actors.

“We do not want as a country which I do not wish to name, they come to invest, all the manpower comes from that country, and the outcome is taken back to that country. Therefore, what is the value for Indonesia?” he asked.

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35 Kingdoms in Indonesia joined the Parade of Keraton Solo

At least 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia participated in the horse parade in the Keraton in Solo, Central Java, on Friday 13/4/18.

“This parade was participated by 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia. Besides that, there were 80 representatives of the companies from 9 different countries who joined to the parade” said the main organizer of Istana Mataram, also the person responsible for the parade, HM Koes M. Pakubuwono.

The route of the parade was from Hotel Royal Heritage, Gladag towards Northern field, Grand Mosque, Klewer, Simpang Gemblengan and ended at Wisma Boga, Solo Baru.

In this building, all participants enjoyed the entertainment in the form of traditional dances and enjoyed dinner in the evening.

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HM Koes M. Pakubuwono CS heads Istana Mataram

The siblings of King Pakubuwono XIII Hangabehi took the initiative to establish the Istana Mataram which will be for all descendants of Mataram all over the world.

Declaration of the Istana Mataram was made together with the delegations of 29 countries and 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia on Friday 13/4/18.

Istana Mataram, HM Wirabhumi said, is the place which was initiated by the people with the Mataram blood, such as HM Koes M. Pakubuwono.

“We are committed to unify the Mataram into one place. The first phase will be the activity we call New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes, he said when he met the press at the office of Keraton Tourism, Thursday 12/4/18.

HM Wirabhumi mentioned that forum New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes would be held two days, i.e. Friday to Saturday (13-14/4/18) in Hotel Royal Heritage Solo and Wisma Boga Solo Baru, Sukoharjo. Delegations from 29 countries such as Germany, Spain, England, USA, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and others would attend and participate in the activity. This program would also be attended by 35 Kingdoms in Indonesia. The number of the participants would reach 2000 persons.

In line with its name, Istana Mataram would focus on the economic sector, cultural sector, and tourism sector.

All members in Istana Mataram have a commitment to invest in Indonesia for the purpose to develop these 3 sectors.

Istana Mataram is to ensure the continuity of our culture which was headed by HM Koes M. Pakubuwono where all the relatives and the supporters who cannot progress the programs in the past due to the conflict of the Keraton.

In this condition, many relatives were concerned too. They were not only the relatives of the Mataram dynasty in Indonesia but also from all over the world.

“For the business sector to be developed, we will start with the aviation business comprising of aviation pilot school, the rentals of private jets, air taxi, maintenance, spare-parts including the possibility of constructing private airport” he said.

On top of that, they planned to start the business of herbal plants, mining to the creation of tourism objects.

HM Koes M. Pakubuwono added that whatever initiated by Istana Mataram has nothing to do with the Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat. Istana Mataram consists only of the descendants of the Kingdom of Mataram.

“Therefore, we have the right to use this name and according to the Indonesian law, it was legal with the permit from the Ministry of Law and Human Right.

And because of the Mataram dynasty, therefore, not to exclude the possibility to invite all Kingdoms in Indonesia”, she said.

Looking forwards, Istana Mataram will become the centre of cultural education.

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Forum for Discussion of Kingdoms in Indonesia (FSKN)  Pushed for the Cultural Revitalization

The Government and Forum for Discussion of Kingdoms in Indonesia (FSKN) were committed to push for the revitalization process of maritime culture. The commitment to revitalize was translated into an MOU which were signed in the ballroom of Wisma Boga.

“This MOU is not made on impulse. But it goes through a long process. The President and FSKN have already met and agreed on some points and followed up with an MOU today” said the staff of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime, Agus Purwoto to the press on Saturday 14/4/18.

According to him, the commitment with the stakeholders including the Kingdoms of Indonesia was very important. About the revitalization of the culture, the Keraton (Kingdom) has an important role.

“Our reasoning for developing and conserving the maritime culture because the Kingdoms in Indonesia are located near the beach of the sea and the rivers. Therefore if they are connected, we hope, that it can develop the potential to the maximum”, he said.

The chairman of FSKN, Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat in the same event added that the signing of the MOU was to develop the potential sectors, there were many points agreed upon.

Among them was the development of maritime tourism, the development of literature for maritime culture, maritime insight, the roles of the historical city and port, maritime wisdom, construction of a maritime school, and to improve the maritime economy with the involvement of Kingdoms.

“With the concrete steps to revitalize, there were two things which can be done. Firstly, physical revitalization and secondly, non-physical”, he mentioned.

For the physical revitalization, he continued, we need to improve the cultural/ heritage buildings and other historical places. For the non-physical revitalization, i.e. our custom, art and traditional practices, etc.

In the meantime, Istana Mataram, HM Wirabhumi explained that the effort to synergize must be started. Istana Mataram at this moment has initiated a partnership with various industries at the world level.

They were ready to assist the cultural revitalization through many investments.

“In order to improve the infrastructure, there are many things we need to do. For Solo, with these efforts, we hope, it can sustain the growth of tourism potential. Hence, tourists will stay longer when visiting Solo”, he explained.

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Zhang Tianai Granted a Royal Title as Part of the Indonesian Royal Family as an Important Position in the Entertainment Business in Indonesia.

Hong Kong celebrity and famous ballet artist Zhang Tianai has recently awarded a royal decree as Princess Kanjeng Ayu Adipati Flora Pavlova E. Cheong-Leen Laksminingtyas in Solo city, Java, Indonesia. At the same time, she received an appointment as chairman of the Culture and Recreation Development Committee in Solo city.

Zhang Tianai said that it is her honour to receive the royal decree and she will make great efforts to promote the cultural exchanges and development between China and Indonesia. Zhang Tianai was invited by the King and Queen of the Mataram Kingdom in Indonesia to visit their country. She received the royal decree as Princess from the royal family of Mataram Kingdom, and she was appointed as chairman of the Indonesian council for culture and recreation development in Solo, Indonesia. Zhang Tianan will lead the Cultural and Recreation Committee in the future to carry out a series of economic, cultural and tourism projects. At the moment, the members of the committee are from China, USA, UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

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