Mataram’s Official Visit to Vietnam Fire Rescue Police Department


On behalf of The Mataram Kingdom & Luke Alexander Corporation, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Vietnam Fire Rescue Police Department (VFRPD) for their warm welcome. This special visit aims to promote and establish a cooperating relationship and strengthen communication channel in exchanging discussions and ideas with the management and authority level in the field of Fire Safety and Rescue.

Special mention to the participation of the following VFRPD representatives:
Bui Quang Viet (Deputy Fire Chief), Pham Hung Duong (Head of Advisory Department), Nguyen Van Thuy (Head of Planning), Dao Van Bach (Deputy Head of Fire Protection), Hoang Tho Duc (Deputy of Sciences & Technology Department), Nguyen Quang Huy (Advisory Department)

Alongside with the Mataram and Luke Alexander Corporation:
Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati Marie William Adinagoro, Kanjeng Adipati Fong Notonagoro, YAS TPjB Dato’ Edwin Galan Teruki, Kanjeng Ayu Adipati Seow Hui Purnaminingtyas and Mas Ayu Adipati Cecilia Doan Dewi Andayani Tyas.

We are equally honoured to take part in this collaboration of initiatives and forthcoming investment opportunities that will hone Fire Safety and Rescue in Vietnam and other neighbouring countries.

The Royalties gathered together at Ipoh, Malaysia

Last July 27, 2022 Royal members present at the said gathering were: HM Wirabhumi, HM Gusti Moertiyah Pakubuwono, KPA William Marie Chong Adinagoro, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Koes Timoer Rumbai Kusuma Dewayani, YAS TPjB Dato’ Edwin Galan Teruki, Kanjeng Adipati Yeo Fong Notonagoro and other members of Istana Mataram.

The Royalties of Istana Mataram visited the Emirate of Sharjah

THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Last January 22, 2019, Indonesian royal officials visited the Emirate of Sharjah in hopes of forming future partnerships on the socio-economic and cultural development of the two kingdoms.

The royal delegation from the Kingdom of Istana Mataram in Indonesia, headed by Her Majesty Koes M Pakubuwono and His Majesty Wirabhumi was welcomed by the Prince of Sharjah, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Sultan AlQassimi.

The purpose of the visit was to explore economic and cultural bilateral exchanges between the two Kingdoms. At present, Istana Mataram has made a number of initiatives to help uplift the life of the Mataram people, especially the marginalized sector. These initiatives involve Social, Economic and Cultural Developmental Programs to provide ways to alleviate poverty through the creation of job opportunities and businesses, and access to education, social and health services.

Moved by the efforts being made by the Kingdom of Istana Mataram, along with the shared compassion of serving its constituents, the Prince of Sharjah have expressed his support for the programmes and other initiatives by the Royal Family.

Istana Mataram prides itself of having a rich cultural history that it hopes to continue to flourish in the next generations. With the programs already in the pipeline, this will open doors of opportunity of sustainable growth for both the economy and the society.

Gathering all Royal Families to implement the New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes
The Rebirth of Istana Mataram began the New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes

MATARAM Palace – The rebirth of Istana Mataram brings the New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes for Indonesia’s Economy. The royal ceremony was held at Wisma Boga last 13th of April 2018. The royal family invited investors from all over the world to attend the royal ceremony.

The royal ceremony was commenced by His Most Royal Highness, Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro, Her Most Royal Highness, H.M. Koes M. Pakubuwono, and His Most Royal Highness, H.M. Wirabhumi.

The theme of the ceremony was named as the “New Era of Economic Culture and Tourism Programmes”. There were 17 programmes presented: Royal Mataram Airport, Royal Mataram Airlines, Royal Pilot School, Mataram Aviation Aero Club, Mataram Air Taxi, Twin Theme Park, Condensate Processing Unit, Istana Mataram Development Project, Water Transportation Management, Expansion of Mining in Indonesia, Mataram International Hotel, Business and Trading, Promotion of Javanese Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Istana Mataram Ambulance and Mobile Clinic, Timber and Construction, Deep Water Well System, and Istana Mataram Exportation. These programmes aim to attract 5 million foreign tourists by 2025.