MATARAM Palace – On the commencement speech of His Most Royal Highness Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro said that the 17 programmes of Istana Mataram is not a dream but an achievable vision through the help of the foreign investors. He said that all of the programmes presented will be funded by the investors and not by the government.

To accomplish the 17 programmes, the royal family created 4 committees; Economic Development Committee, Royal Mataram Financial Commision, Royal Mataram Aviation and Transportation Committee, and Royal Mataram Performing Arts and Cultural Committee.


KPA (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro said that out of the 17 programmes, the first one likely to be developed first is the Twin Theme Park which will connect the Yogyakarta and Solo City. Then will be followed by the establishment of Mataram airline which is a private airline.

“Our investors came from various countries such as USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Spain”, said KPA (Grand Prince) William Marie Chong Adinagoro.